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1KVA and a 380 to 500VAC rated output voltage. Tutorial for toggling the Altivar 312 drive between local mode and remote mode operation. com Altivar Machine ATV320 NVE41289 04/ Altivar Machine ATV320 Variable Speed Drives for Asynchronous and Synchronous Motors Installation Manual. atv312h075n4 programming manual If your current unit has gone bad, take advantage of our Core Exchange program for the most inexpensive route.

2 Drive references Single phase supply voltage: 200. La instalación, el ajuste, la reparación y el mantenimiento deben se r realizados por personal cualificado. Buy Schneider Electric Inverter Drive, 3-Phase In, 0. Tutorial for configuring 2-wire terminal start/stop control on Altivar ATV320 atv312h075n4 programming manual Drives with speed reference via AI3 (Analog Input 3) using 4-20ma on common.

BBV28581 05/Diagnostics and Troubleshooting Faults codes that will be cleared as soon as their causes disappear The USF fault can be cleared remotely by means of a logic input (parameter Detected fault reset assignment rSF page 91). The Telemecanique ATV312H075N4 is from the Altivar 31 series. 2 NVE41295 10/ The information provided in this documentation contains general descriptions and/or technical characteristics.

5 → 500Hz Out 3 kW, 400 V, 10. Buy ATV312H075N4 / ATV 312H075N4 Telemecanique Ac Drive from Distributor Santa Clara Systems. Después de los códigos de menú aparece una raya para diferenciarlos de los códigos de parámetro.

0 / v1: Document Model number: Altivar_12_manual_HR. NOTE: Please also refer to the Programming Manual. For more products like ATV312H075N4, take a look at more from our Altivar line. It has a rated power of 3KW, 7. Altivar 312 Variable Speed Drive, 0. 3 Marking CE Operating position Vertical +/- 10 degree Outer dimension 184 x 140 x 150 mm 215 x 185 x 158 mm 402 x 239 x 192 mm Product weight 3.

Free Next Day Delivery available. ATV312H075N4 from Schneider Electric at Allied Electronics & Automation. 240 V 50/60 Hz 3-phase motor 200.

Tutorial for configuring logic inputs (LI3 & LI4, for example) to increase/decrease speed on the Altivar 312 (ATV312) Variable Frequency Drive (VFD). In any other case, consult the ATV312 in stallation and programming manual on www. • Altivar 31 Programming Manual, VVDED303042US (on CD only) CATALOG NUMBERS Refer to Table 1 for a guide to interpreting ATV31 drive controller catalog numbers. Manuals for Modbus®, CANopen. Programming Manual 04/ NVE41295. Estos 3 parámetros sólo pueden verse la primera vez que se encienda el variador.

Browse our latest Inverter Drives offers. Simplified manual This manual is an extract from programming and installation manual. * Products listed as "People Also Bought" are not recommended accessories and may not be compatible with the primary product. This manual is delivered with the drive. Altivar 312 3-phase variable speed drive (VSD)/inverter/variable frequency drive (VFD) for asynchronous motors. ATV320U15N4C from Schneider Electric at Allied Electronics & Automation.

Programming manual This manual describes the functions, parameters, and use of the drive terminal (integrated display terminal, optional graphic display terminal, and optional remote terminal). • Verify that the drive catalog number printed on t he label is the same as that on the purchase. The communication functions are not described in this manual, but in the manual for the bus or network used. Schneider electric / square d atv312h075n4 altivar Schneider Electric / Square D ATV312H075N4 Altivar 31 Variable Frequency AC Speed Drive; 3 Phase, 480 Volts, 1 HP. Quick Start This document describes how to connect and configure the drive so that the motor can be started both quickly and easily for basic applications. These easy to use variable frequency drives are compact, offer flexibility and have a range of communications options. 480V AC variable frequency drive.

Altivar and Altistart Programming Cable: For use with the iPad Configuration App. com Altivar Process EAV64301 06/ Altivar Process Variable Speed Drives ATV630, ATV650 Installation Manual 06/. This product is substituted by ATV320U30N4C. ATV312H075N4 variable speed drive ATV312 - 0. Click to Check if In-Stock. Manuals for Modbus, Lonworks, BACnet, Metasys N2, Apogee FLN. ATV312H075NClass J Fuse 6.

Programming manual This manual describes the functions and parameters of the drive&39;s terminals and how to use them. It is suitable for industrial machines. 4kVA - 41W - 380. Quick Start Guide. 9 A ALTIVAR 312 ATV312HU30N4. To learn more, please visit the Schneider Electric Tutorial for wiring and configuring 2-wire terminal start/stop run control on Logic Input 1 (LI1 + 24vdc) and 4-20mA speed control via Analog Input 3 (AI3) o. Installation manual This manual describes how to install and wire the drive.

500 V- 3-phase supply Main Range of product Altivar 312 Product or component type Variable speed drive Product destination Asynchronous motors Product specific application Simple machine Assembly atv312h075n4 programming manual style With heat sink Component name ATV312 Motor power kW 0. We Offer Fast Same-Day Shipping Worldwide! Por ejemplo: AJUSTES (SEt-), parámetro ACC. This means lower prices and better service for you. RECEIVING AND PRELIMINARY INSPECTION Before installing the ATV31 drive controller, read this manual and follow all precautions. ATV32 Programming manual S1A28692 ATV32 Modbus manual S1A28698 ATV32 CANopen manual S1A28699 ATV32 Communication parameters S1A44568 ATV32 Atex manual S1A45605 ATV32 Safety manual S1A45606 ATV32 other option manuals: see www.

240 V. We offer a repair service on all of our products that keep your downtime to a minimum. This variable speed drive is ideal for controls motor speed and various tough loads for 3-phase supply voltage drives. ATV312 Programming Manual.

Programming Manual This describes the functions, parameters and use of the drive terminal (integrated display terminal and graphic display termina l). 75 kW Motor power. com Altivar Machine ATV320 NVE41289 01/ Altivar Machine ATV320 Variable Speed Drives for Asynchronous and Synchronous Motors Installation Manual. This document is supplied with the drive. pdf - Google Drive. Altivar 12 manual Altivar 12 manual: Type: Technical Publications - User guide: Publication date: FEB : Revision: 1.

For more information, consult the ATV312 installation manual (BBV46391) and programming manual (BBV46385) on www. ATV31HU15M2A is used as an example catalog number. Programming manual This manual describes the functions, parameters and use of the drive terminal (integrated display terminal, optional graphic di splay terminal and optional remote terminal). Verify the delivery of the drive • Remove ATV312 from the packaging and verify that it has not been damaged. Procedure for setting the Altivar 312 drive settings to allow for local HMI dial speed control and 2 wire start/stop control via dry contact. Refer to the installation manual for derating.

contenido de este manual y el resto de documentación pertinente de este producto, lo entienda y haya recibido formación en seguridad para reconocer y evitar los riesgos que implica. -230 Ryan Way, South San Francisco, CAMain Office:Outside Local Area:www. La configuración podrá. Consulte el manual del programación (BBV46387) para una descripción completa del menú.

Atv312h075n4 programming manual

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